Nick Slaughter and Sylvie Gerard in their office

Nick Slaughter is an ex-RCMP and Drug Enforcement Agent. He was forced to become early "pensioner" after five years because of his unorthodox style of law enforcement. He moved to the Key Maria where he started his new career as private detective. He met her partner - the smart, sexy and very beautiful Sylvie Gerard in the process. She was employed in renowned travel agency when they met first time. Sylvie decided use his services to help her find a boat she "borrowed" without owner's permission. She wanted lend this boat to the client of her travel agency, but the boat was destroyed and Sylvie was discharged from work. She decided to become Nick's secretary and (later) private detective.

Nick's dream is spend all the years among beautiful girls on the beaches near Tropical Heat Bar owned by his friend Ian Stewart (later, when Ian is on the tour with his music band, is bar owned by "Spider" Garvan), but cases (and Sylvie) forced him to perform the business. He is very often living on the edge between law and crime and that's the reason why he is in controversy with policemen all the time. Sgt. Ollie Porter and Lt. Carillo give themselves on air of Nick is the worst human being in the Universe, but they know that without Nick's help their way to puzzle all the cases will be harder. Only pathologist Rollie is Sylvie and Nick's friend.

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Serial story Tropical Heat was shot on the west cost of Mexico (episodes 1 - 22) near towns Puerto Vallarta (federal state Jalisco), Bucerias a Nuevo Vallarta (federal state Nayarit) about 900 kilometers west of Mexican capital city México - you can visit my special site with pictures from Mexico taken by Mr. Alex Hölzl from BLACK SUN ARTISTS. Crew worked also in Pretoria and Durban in South Africa (episodes 45 - 66). Beach scenes were shot on the Mauritius Island (there was special notice about Maritim Hotel in the closing titles). The story shooting in RSA was accredited by parliament and was under control of police. It was necessary to rebuilt one part of Pretoria into Caribbean Key Mariah - in South Africa are cars going on the left side of the way and police changed the traffic on bad American side. Episodes 23 - 44 were shot near Eilat in Israel (in the opening titles of Israel's parts is Nick getting out of El Al Airlines' aircraft). This part of Israel is situated in the Gulf of Aquaba not far from war place of "The Gulf War" and crew came in this region soon after wartime. Total number of episodes is 66 (although I announced here for couple weeks that correct number is 78 - I explain it in the begin of episode guide. The serial story is known under two different names in the world. Original name is Tropical Heat and during years it was renamed to Sweating Bullets.

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