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Nick Slaughter worked as cop for 5 years. He was DEA (Drug Enforcement Agent), but his style of law enforcement led to his early retirement. And everybody who watched part "She" knows that he was also kicked out for help to beautiful and not very truthful girl. He moved to the Key Mariah Island near Florida, where he started his new career as private detective. Maybe you will need his services sometimes in the future, so you should remember that his office address is 45 Mariah Road (1st floor). You can contact him via phone too - simply dial 755 755 555 745 and ask for Sylvie (this number was received from Czech dubbed version and can be different from original number because of lipsing - if you recorded episode "Alive and Kicking", please, write original number down and mail me it). He wears short trousers and open Hawaiian-shirt, runs a blue Jeep with registration plate "FLORIDA NIR 548 MONROE" or wirh registration number "P7E-181" (when he was solved case in Israel, he ran a white off-road and it didn't suit him). His hobby is sitting on the beach or in Tropical Heat bar and flirt with beautiful girls. His life motto is "Enjoying wasting your time isn't a waste of time." No wonder that he is in the controversy with his partner and has no money all the time. His style of investigation is a splinter in police eye. Fortunately Sylvie came into his live and decided that she makes better man from Nick. The role of Nick Slaughter is played by Rob Stewart.

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Rob Stewart today

He was born on July 23, 1961 in Canadian town Bramalea (Ontario) as Robert Thomas Stewart and he is 180 cm (6') tall. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. When he was child, he went in for athletics and ice-hockey. He dreamed of becoming a professional player. However at the age of 17 he became badly injured while playing hockey and he lost a kidney. He had to change his dreams and he started to study at University of Waterloo, where he majored in Latin and English. He is said to always want entertain people and never want manual work. He is also said to be very ambitious along with very lazy. I read one story about his dexterity: His mother found a job for him in some building company. He worked on scaffold up on high of 3rd floor and he fell down, but he wasn't hurt and he became a driver of small lorry. When he was carryed his boss he nearly turned the lorry upside down. This boss ordered him to dig a hollow by way of punishment. Rob was tossing the earth up into the air so strongly that he hit a man standing at some distance and he was sacked. He wanted set his mind at rest, so he cruised the lake on board his small boat. The boat was wrecked and Rob was almost drowned. He was saved by lifeguard (but Rob says that it was 3 beautiful girls who saved his life!). It was (he says) the first step to become an actor. But his way to his actor's career wasn't direct. He wrote screenplays with his cousin first and in this time started new era in his life. His first role was a part of pirate in "Canada's Wonderland".

At the very beginning of his TV career of author, director and actor are titles "Come Spy With Me", "Where There's A Will" and "Mark Of The Beast". He appeared in various TV serial stories after that (for example "Mount Royal" and "Hot Shots"). He became famous thanks to role of private detective Nick Slaughter in serial story Tropical Heat. He got this part by mere chance. It is said that when he came to the competition to this role, he was returning from a razzle-dazzle, was sleepy and non-shaved, but the authors of future show liked him and he was angaged. Rob says: 'I took the biggest gamble of my life when I turned down the offer to play the lead role in the TV sitcom Scoop before my part in Tropical Heat was confirmed. It was the best decision I have ever made!'. 'The part of Nick was tailor-made for me', smiles Rob.

He appeared in lots of independent movies and serial stories after finishing work on Sweating Bullets. He is still writing and directing too. He married girl Celiana (she is cinematographer) he'd met during the shooting of Tropical Heat and February 18th. 1996 was born their first son. He and his family now live in Los Angeles. His hobbies are (except of playing, writing and directing) reading, singing and playing guitar and piano. I think he is singing rather well - you can make sure about it in episode "Spider's Tale". He is singing romantic song and playing piano before opening titles. Nowadays you can watch TV show Peter Benchley's Amazon where Rob plays the part of Andrew Talbott (a teacher who finds the challenge to survive in the Amazon following a devastating plane crash as intense as the terminal illness that first motivated him to venture on this fateful trip).

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