Jessica Steen

Let me begin this page with link to sites of BLACK SUN ARTISTS, the community of young artists. They realize various multimedia projects. They paid homage to "Sweating Bullets" by shooting several parts of serial story named "Paradise Island". Member of BLACK SUN ARTISTS Mr. Alex Hölzl (play Nick Slaughter like-minded detective called Rob Cort) took special photos in Mexico for my site with pictures from Mexico.

Jessica Steen, young and very beautiful Canadian model and actress, played in episode "Dead Men Tell" the role of Patricia Poston PhD. She published few photographs from Tropical Heat. You can find them under address Finally I have to say that I'm delighted that Jessica placed link to my Tropical Heat sites on her pages!

When you move to the you will find there lots of pictures from serial story, links to pages with biography of all Sweating Bullets stars and other materials about Tropical Heat.

What can you find on page with URL Big black-and-white photography of Carolyn face and you can jump to short list of Carolyn's roles.

Are you thinking where did I find complete list of episodes? Visit and everything will be clear for you! There are some other lists available on the Web too, but this list seems very serious.

Short information about the story can be found on pages of television LNT (Latvia). It is possible to "click through" to Tropical Heat page from main page, but it is not very easy. That's the reason why I public the direct link: Sometimes is loading this page very fast, sometimes is little bit slow and sometimes is this page out of order - so if you are not successful today you have to try your luck tomorrow or next week. There are also some photos of Nick Slaughter and special collage - Nick with colt in the left bottom corner and in the rest of picture are holes after shooting with small pictures of Sylvie and Nick.

Surf to and you can read an opinion of human being (?) called SubG. I read it several times, but I'm not able to say what (s)he or it is thinking about Tropical Heat. ? Is the reason my horrible English?

Non-complete information about serial story is available on page In my opinion the best think from this page is the background image. So, if you will spend some seconds and learn nothing new...

Characterization of Nick Slaughter can be found on This page is a part of bigger project that want to collect info about as many detectives as possible.

Other page dedicated to Sweating Bullets was created by Jay and was under construction for long time. In the past was URL of this site, but now you find it when you write address into your browser.

Can you speak Germany too? Well, you should visit page Also, lesen Sie, bitte!

If you have already visit PEOPLE AROUND, you probably remember that Fred Mollin wrote the theme song. You can visit his official homepage too! There can you read the index of TV stories and movies with his music, but Tropical Heat is missing. I wrote to the webmaster and pleased her or him to mail me lyrics of Sweating Bullet's theme song, but (s)he wasn't able to help me. Can I ask you about the same thing now? If you have the lyrics or if you're able to write it down please mail me.

Complete information about the serial story and plenty of details you will find in Internet Movie Database (English) and in German Internet Movie Database. The main story link into those databases is

Tropical Heat is distributed by Kushner Locke.

In the end I have a prayer to you: If you have any materials about the Tropical Heat or if you know URL of such type of material, please feel free to mail me to Thanks.