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She was forced to moved to Key Mariah. She had worked as top manager in very exclusive travel agency. She "borrowed" small boat without permission of its owner to rent it to the client of her employer. Unfortunately, client was murdered and the boat was destroyed. Sylvie was fired from her job and must settle losses. When she was searching for lost boat, she met Nick Slaughter and hired his services. First of all they hate each other, but in the course of next days they become perfect team. Sylvie works as Nick's secretary and assistant and her contacts from past are for Nick's job very useful. Sylvie has her own detective ambitions too, but Nick thinks that Sylvie should keep clear of his investigation. Maybe the reason is Nick's vanity, maybe he fears for Sylvie's health or life. Her surname is "Gerard" and all other pages or magazines I've read use it, although in one episode was written "Girard".

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Carolyn Dunn (year 1998)

She was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (New Scotland) in Canada. Her parents dreamed she become figure-skater, but small fair-haired (!) girl was not talented for this sport. She went in for parachutism and karate but she was a failure with it. She started work as model and in the end of the seventies begun her career of actress. She lived in Toronto and played parts of defenceless blondes in romantic movies. She became famous thanks to role of Sylvie Gerard in serial story Tropical Heat. She change the colour of her hair in the same time from fair to nearly red. This colour brought more "fire" for character of Sylvia. "In the real life I'm completely different" says Carolyn. "I'm confuser and dreamer. Sylvia is perfect manager and she is very unflinching. I'm very lax, but Sylvia is pig-headed."

Carolyn is very introvert and is probably still single. She claims about herself that she is womaniser. She was amused by shooting Tropical Heat. There was only one problem - Carolyn's costume. She loves wearing jeans and cowboys' boots, but the authors idea was perfect assistant in perfect dress. And from her model career she hates changing the separates. And imagine the hot climate. It was horrible! No wonder that she was every evening running in surroundings to set her mind at rest. She is spending her leisure time in fitness centers and she is said that her obsession is be on a diet. I think she is not very successful in it because during shooting Sweating Bullets Rob Stewart made special nickname for her - Swollen Yarn. She appeared in tens of roles in TV, movies and in theater.

Movies and TV serial stories
 TitleYear androle
 The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer1999 - Anika Flodin
 Thanks of a Grateful Nation1998 - Sally Goodnight
 Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Heatwave1997 - Judy Connors
 Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story1994 - Nikki Amato
 Tropical Heat (Sweating Bullets)1991 - Sylvie Gerard
 Thick as Thieves1991 - Lisa Hacker
 Hitler's Daughter1990 -  
 The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman1989 - Sally
 Dick Francis: Blood Sport1989 - Lynne Teller
 Street Justice1989 - Nancy Watson
 Head Office1986 - Yonge's Secretary
  The High Price of Passion1986 - Rhonda Benedict
  Breaking All the Rules1985 - Debbie
 Fun Park -  
 Separate Vacations -  
Guest appearances
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 Highlander: The Raven (Bloodlines)1998 - Denise Grady
 Earth: Final Conflict (Gauntlet)1997 - Kimera hologram
 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (Eye Witness)1995 - Anne Carter Pendleton
 Highlander (Bless the Child)1994 - Nora Fontaine
 My Secret Identity (First Love)1990 -  
 The Hitchhiker (Pawns)1989 -  
 Friday the 13th (Wedding in Black)1989 - Maya
 War of the Worlds (Vengeance Is Mine)1989 - Sarah
 The Hitchhiker (Trust Me)1989 -  
 War of the Worlds (Goliath Is My Name)1988 -  
 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Twisted Sisters)1988 - Candi Miller
 Friday the 13th (The Quilt of Hathor)1988 - Laura
 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Houdini on Channel 4)1988 - Alicia Barclay
 Friday the 13th (Cupid's Quiver)1987 - Laurie Warren
 Diamonds (Goodbye Cabin)1987 -  
 Diamonds (Ay, There's the Rib)1987 -  
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