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78 or 66 episodes ?

Unfortunately only 66! All Internet and other sources say that Tropical Heat has 66 parts. There was only one exception. Germany television VOX announced on its pages that Tropical Heat is "78. Teilige Serie" (for non-Germany speaking readers "78th parts serial story"). I e-mailed them and asked about it. They answered me that the number is O.K. - they have and broadcasted 78 parts and that the 12 missing episodes were shot one year after "last" 66th part and that's the reason why those episodes are unknown. I think that they tells downright lies! It's not true! I was e-mailed by one Germany speaking fan who watched the show on VOX (and before on RTL and PRO 7 and he cleared up it. They have only 44 parts and after broadcasting them they stopped Tropical Heat and replace it by other story with the same or similar name!

Special offer for all Germany speaking fans: In the second column you can find original Germany titles of episodes as they were named on RTL.

Very special thanks to Mr. Richard Spitzer and to Sheri from Tropical Heat/Sweating Bullets Tv page for helping with completing the titles.

Click on episode name to see full opening and closing titles re-writing to html!

1st Season - Spring 1991
 01.Hard CaseDer Mann aus Philadelphia  
 02.Fowl PlayVogeldiebe  
 03.Death's a BeachTod am Strand  
 04.Family AffairSchneller als das FBI  
 05.Roll of the DiceGlücksspiele  
 06.Double TimeDoppeltes Spiel  
 07.Forget Me NotBetörender Duft  
 08.For a SongDer 50.000 Dollar Song  
2nd Season - Fall 1991
 10.The Mariah ConnectionAlte Rechnungen  
 11.Mafia MistressIn den Fängen der Mafia  
 12.A Perfect .38Die Macht der Schönheit  
 13.Dead Men TellPiratengeschichten  
 14.Big Brother is WatchingDer Safeknacker  
 15.This Year's ModelModel des Jahres  
 16.Writer WrongTödliches Solo  
 18.Sex, Lies and LullabiesTödliche Liebe  
 19.SheDer alte Mann und das Mädchen  
 20.Tara, Tara, TaraTödliche Diskette  
 21.AbandonedTödliches Seminar  
 23.Party GirlSex und Politik  
 24.Double FaultGrausiger Fund  
 25.Alive and KickingDer Drogenkönig  
 26.Tattooed LadyTätowierte Haut  
 27.UsersZwischen den Fronten  
 28.Frame UpIn der Falle  
 29.Going to the DogsErpressergeschäfte  
 30.Dial 9 for MurderEin Anruf genügt  
3rd Season - 1992
 31.Twice as DeadDoppelter Tod  
 32.Deadly Switch PART ITödliches Verlangen (1)  
 33.Deadly Switch PART IITödliches Verlangen (2)  
 34.Over My Dead BodySchwer verdaulich  
 35.White HotDiamantenfieber  
 36.Stranger in ParadiseHarte Lektionen  
 37.The Pro and the ConAmerican Football  
 38.Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My BabyNichts gegen meine Freundin  
 39.Ocean ParkKluge Delphine  
 40.Jack of DiamondsFamilienbande  
 41.His Pal JoeySeine Freundin Joey  
 42.Grasping at ShadowsAgentenspiele  
 43.The Last of MagnificentWesternhelden  
 44.The PatsyGefährliche Freundschaft  
 45.May Divorce Be with YouDas Scheidungs-Komplott  
 47.Basic BlackKillerbienen  
 48.Born TomorrowEin neues Leben  
 49.Object of DesireHaß und Liebe  
 50.Royal PainSkandal und Verbrechen  
 51.Poison IvyVergiftet  
 52.Massage in a BottleHerr Doktor gibt sich die Ehre  
 53.Mutiny and the BountyEin ganz routinemäßiger Fall  
 54.Seen at the CrimeTödliche Visionen  
 55.You Stole My HeartDas heiße Herz  
 56.Gun ShyDuell der Detektive  
 57.Kiss Kiss Bang BangTod von zarter Hand  
 58.Spider's TaleErinnerungen  
 59.Turning ScrewsAusweglos  
 60.TessEin fast perfekter Mord  
 61.Deal of a LifetimeEin gefährliches Geschäft  
 62.Katie's SecretDas Mädchen aus dem Wäschekatalog  
 63.Slumming ItSpiel mit dem Feuer  
 64.Man with the Midas TouchDie Schatzsucher  
 65.Forbidden FruitGift und Galle  
 66.Smut and Nothin' ButMal was ganz Neues