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Special greetings to Mr. Ken Gord - Tropical Heat producer and fist person from Tropical Heat stuff who contact me via email! Such a pity that his return email address wasn't written in the email form he sent to me!blue line

Nick Slaughter and Sylvie Gerard

Imagine never-ending sunny sand beaches. Hunderds long-legged and longhaired beautiful babes worn in miniature bikini. It is Key Mariah Island. Paradise on the Earth. Paradise that attracts rich people who decided enjoy their lives. Unfortunately is it place that attracts dangerous criminals too. Place created for pony-tailed detective with sense of girl's beauty. Nick Slaughter is this type of detective.

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Appeal to you for help: I know that my English is horrible, so please e-mail me all faults you have found or you'll find on my pages to help me improve my sites; I published this version by request from non-czech speaking Tropical Heat fans - they were asking after english version, so I wrote something in language that looks like English...