Rob Stewart and the his favourite crew
div align="justify">People around the story, people around the stars. You never see their faces because they sit behind the typewriters, they stay behind the cameras. Simply they are "behind the screen". We call them crew. I think they are as important as actors. Here is short list of Tropical Heat crew. For more name visit IMDb. The exact URL is:

The episodes are numbered in accordance with episodes in Episode Guide; please mail me all ideas how to improve this site. The URLs of crew's homepages can be emailed me too! My mailbox expects your mails.

Created by
 Sam Egan     
 Clay Borris     
 Allan Eastman     
 Sam Firstenberg     
 Michael Robinson     
 Rob Stewart38  
 Tibor Takács     
Produced by
 Peter Mohan01 - 44  
 Angel Flores Marini     
 Othon Roffiel01 - 29  
 Harel Goldstein30 - 66  
 Ken Gord30 - 44  
 Bill Venter45 - 66  
Executive producer
 Andreas Hamori     
 Susan Cavan01 - 44  
 David Goldstein30 - 66  
Cinematography by
 Alex Phillips, A.S.C.01 - 09  
 Santiago Navarrete10 - 15, 17  
 Jorge Senyal13, 14, 16, 21  
 Christophe Bonniere22  
 Avraham Karpick30 - 44  
 Gilles Corbeil45 - 66  
Edited by
 Geoff Craigen     
 Ettie M. Feldman     
 Stephen Lawrence     
 Jeff Warren     
 Stephen Withrow     
Original music by
 Fred Mollintheme song  
 Jeff Danna     
 Larry Mollin     
 Eric N. Robertson     
 Mychael Danna